Re-Starting ONLY YOU

I’ve been going through a strange time with my writing lately, and it has led me back here, to continue investigating the possibilities of the weekly Blog form.

Writing, for me, never seems to settle into any particular pattern. In an ideal world, I would have a long-term, paying relationship with a leading journal and its editor and readership.

In an ideal world I would be regularly converting materials from my lectures and seminars into published articles. But for some reason that is not happening.

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time and energy, and in a every inspired state, putting together long texts and deep layers of ideas and new thoughts, only to find that I still don’t have a suitable home for them (so they age on the shelf).

They could be the wrong size. They could have the wrong ‘angle’. They could be at the wrong time. All of these factors can make them hard to ‘place’ with an editor and a journal.

One way around this has been to make the series of books I have made in the past few years, with artist Bada Song under the publishing imprint ‘eeodo‘. These give me both the autonomy I suppose I am looking for, plus some of the prestige of a professional publication.

But they don’t create a regular relationship with a large readership, and nor do they provide the kudos of a recognised and established journal.

Hence my return to my Blog, a regular site on which to share small scale weekly thoughts on art and life in London. I am going to try again and try harder (or softer perhaps?) to cultivate a readership for my writing. As artists so often find, you just have to DO IT ALL YOURSELF!

So Hi again! and welcome back, not least to myself!

ONLY YOU II – here goes!


6 thoughts on “Re-Starting ONLY YOU

  1. After a very stressful day at work where art has no space in my life right now. Like an arm torn off it’s something you can never stop longing for. When you are solely responsible for the care of others life becomes all about money and surviving. So what a welcome pleasure to get this in my inbox. I felt like I was back in a conversation about making again, about what it is to be an artist. You made my day.


  2. Yaay thank you! I am a former student of yours. After I graduated, I got very disillusioned with the ‘(fine) art world’ and turned more into different performing arts. I really enjoyed your teaching and I think reading your posts will help me come to terms.. in some way… I lack a better phrase to convey what I mean to say…


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