Hi, I am an experienced artist, art writer and lecturer.

You can find my CV and website here www.okpaul.com

I used to publish art reviews but became disillusioned with the format and switched to publishing articles on concepts related to art instead.

In the 1990s I experimented with various personal approaches to art writing, many of which could not be published then.

But here I am reviving some of those approaches (highly subjective, stylised etc.) as they seem more relevant and acceptable now, given the ways we write and think about art and share ideas today.

Recently I attended the AICA (International Association of Art Critics) international congress and became re-galvanised regarding the role of the art critic in the 21st century. You may be able to read my report on the congress here.

I am a busy and quite ‘struggling’ artist, writer and lecturer, but I want to publish here 750 words per week -on a show or art related event/theme of my choice-  and give myself a regular deadline, just as if I were working for a (rapidly becoming defunct) old-school weekly newspaper column.

N.B. I was also inspired by a recent talk given by NY Times critic Roberta Smith in this regard.

As well as a very experienced art and academic writer I also have an NCTJ qualification in print journalism and so feel qualified to be my own editor.

N.B. I mention this only in response to Roberta Smith’s and other print journalists’ valid criticism of online writing that it often suffers from lack of editing, lack of deadlines and other parameters and demands according to which the most noble aspects of journalism have evolved – and which I here want to emulate as a kind of hybrid online/print-style art critic.

I will post my first 750wordsaweek Blog by midnight on Friday 12th December.

I hope I haven’t given myself one job too many.

I hope I can explore the role of the art critic from a new position.

I hope I can inform current debates and opinions about art.

Please stay tuned.

Paul O’Kane

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Paul ,looking forwards to reading your blog regularly. Hope the notifications will work. Have been making some work now and again since Uni , all too sparingly ,looking for inspiration and encouragement . Thank you for all your support during my degree at Camberwell Paul, you were one of the most sympathetic tutors who could also really push our boundaries. Those were really tough years for me personally, in a way it is only now that I feel I’d be ready to focus and do a degree. Would like to do it all again.. Mabe an MA could be possible in the future, will see how that could work out having a family too… Best wishes and have a lovely day ☺.Kathy

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  2. Hello Paul! I thought it polite to let you know that I have referred to your writings and to your blog on my journal, http://www.caritasilander.com/journal/one-year-on. I am very glad that I happened to pick up your book ‘Where is that Light now? and that I found your blog. I have shared your posts several times to fellow artists in need of inspiration and, dare I say, comfort. Best wishes and Merry Christmas!


    1. Thanks again. It’s great to read your own writing and responses to my little book and my lecturing.
      Actually, I am always experimenting with the lecture form, moving between strictly controlled, text-based styles and very informal styles, always in search of making a real connection in the room and encouraging real thought and responses.

      BTW There are a few more books available here:
      if you or your friends and readers might be interested.
      Some are based on my teaching, and some are more ‘works of art’ and ‘ways’.


      1. Hello Paul! I am sorry to reply to you only now. I thought I would get a notification on your reply and…
        Thank you for reading my writing too and for the link. I continue to find your blog posts valuable and will definitely look up your other work.
        All the best,


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